Saturday, February 9, 2008

Skating in the park with flounders

Wee, I just got back from playing hockey in lafontain park in Montreal.. It's about 0 degrees outside today so it's perfect weather for skating.. Not cold enough that you start to worry about the consequences of breathing.. not warm enough to melt the ice. Excellent.

heh heh.. While trying to stop someone from scoring I tripped and fell into the net.. I scored myself.. Luckily I wasn't hurt. I realized that it was about to happen so I put my hands out in front of me just as I fell. Those nets are heavy and you can seriously hurt yourself it you bang your head against it. We don't play with equipment either so you got to be careful.

I'm still trying to finish reading "Founders at Work" which is a great book that interviews the founders of major tech companies about what it was like to start up a company. These guys are crazy. They work crazy hours on practically no sleep.

anyways... I'm having trouble finishing the book because after a few pages I want to throw the book aside and go found a startup company. It's just silly.. I'll be sat there reading then I'll stop and wander around the apartment thinking about what sort of thing I'd like to invent and how I'd market it etc.. Eventually I'd calm down and sit back down with the book where the cycle would begin again.. It makes reading the book very slow going.

Anyway, I'm going to make some hot chocolate, sit down by the fire for an hour or two and read.. about 5 or 6 page.. thereabouts.. yeah.. bye.

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