Tuesday, January 29, 2008

War is not cheap.

Currently the total cost of the war in Iraq is about 500 billion dollars. I've often wondered what this war is worth in terms of opportunity costs.


2.5 magnetic levitation /vacuum trains from London to New York. These puppies can get you from London to New York in 1 hour. They fly through tubes under the ocean that are almost at a total vacuum at 4000 mph on magnetic tracks. Much faster than flying.


Pfff, in fact all of the US could be setup with coast to coast maglev links


21 Manhattan projects


1 600 $ tax rebate for every human alive in the US. That would stimulate the economy.


35 Superconducting Super Colliders.. Physics would love you!


34 ITER nuclear fusion reactors.. Wow.. that would be cool.

[This link is missing because X-Windows copy and paste is unreliable and I don't want to go find the stupid page again]

1 man on Mars. awww... looks like Bush wanted a war instead...


4 International Space Stations


340 Montreal Olympic Stadiums! (wow, that beast really was expensive)


$3,749 per iraqi


agh it goes on.. Carbon credits, electric car research, laptops for developing countries, UN back-dues...!

What's your favorite, expensive megaproject?

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