Monday, September 1, 2008

Learning is fun

Well, you learn something everyday. This is especially true if you're working with computers. Today I learned the following:

1- windows file sharing permissions are weird.
2- Entourage X (mac outlook) will irreversibly corrupt its database if you push it over 2 gigs.
3- Sylpheed doesn't know how to import an mbox file if said mbox file uses mac style line ending.
4- Sylpheed crashes most spectacularly if you try to import a 1.6 gig mbox file with mac line endings.
5- Practically no text editors will work with 1.6 gig files.
6- Knowing how to program in Java and having a development environment ready to go has its advantages.

Tune in next week when I learn that beating oneself over the head with a pan is a good stand-in for using a computer.

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