Monday, May 12, 2008

Worst website nomination

So there I was, looking for some information on JavaFX, the new.. ummm.. something language from Sun which is great for.. well.. I'm not sure..

Anyway, I was looking for informaiton on JavaFX when I came across the JavaFX website:

My jaw dropped to the floor. They really worked hard on it. It's so sad. The site is a total nightmare. is the kind of site that gives rise to inside-the-box thinking.

Here are the problems I have with it:

1) The "next page" icon things are inscrutable.
2) The amount of information per "page" is tiny.
2b) The content is laughably superficial as well.
3) The "floating" thing.. hereafter called the WTF windoid is so tiny as to make is useless.
4) The information presentation is noisy, filled with decoration compared with the amount of information displayed.
5) The minimized WTF windoids are hard to read.
6) The current WTF windoid hides other minimized WTF windoids behind it.
7) The transition effects don't work smoothly on my machine; everything just jumps around.
8) My font size settings break its assumptions about font sizes, so text flies off the end of the WTF windoids "titlebars".
9) There's not "throw a brick at the author" button.
10) Ugly as sin.. And black with white or sharp contrasting colors is my favorite color scheme too! - That's how my website is done. :-)

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