Thursday, July 24, 2014

Too many tabs - can't find things?

I love tabbed browsing to the point where I typically have three dozen tabs open in multiple windows. This makes it hard to find things. I mean, I *know* I have a netflix window in there somewhere but it's going to take me a good 5 minutes to find it. This is a job for Tab Ahead!

With Tab Ahead, all you need to do hit Alt-T and type in a search string. If I was looking for my Netflix tab I would type "netflix" then check the search results for the tab I'm looking for. If it's there then I can press return to jump to it. Tab Ahead will search all open tabs (in the current window or across all windows) for tabs containing that string be it int the title of text of a web page.

For Firefox, the best I could find is TabHunter. A prehistoric extension that works ok but is showing its age. If anyone finds something better for Firefox please let me know!

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